SISTERS from Kingsclere are preparing for a mountain of a challenge to raise money for a charity which supports people with mental health issues.

Becky and Rhiannon Rowlands need to raise £4,000 each for their trip to Tanzania where they will attempt to reach the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro for Mind.

The siblings want to raise money for the charity because their mother has suffered from bipolar disorder for over 12 years.

Rhiannon, a music technology student at Basingstoke College of Technology, said: “Without people like Mind, our family wouldn’t have got through the rough times we did.

“Mind is a mental health charity that provides not only help to those suffering but also to the loved ones around them.

“Their aim is to make sure no one suffers alone, to raise awareness and a better understanding of mental health.”

The 17-year-old added: “For a very long time, she suffered in silence, not knowing there was help out there. It broke our hearts in ways we couldn’t explain.”

Rhiannon and Becky, 20, hope their charity mission on January 8, 2015, will also help to raise awareness of mental health issues.

Last year, their mother was admitted to Parklands hospital. Rhiannon said: “It was very tough. She’s slowly on the mend. The main thing we want to do is raise awareness.”

The sisters are going to arrange various fundraising events throughout the year to help hit their target and have already had pledges of support from friends.

Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest free-standing mountain in the world with a summit of 5,895m above sea level.

Rhiannon said: “We have started training already to lead up to it. The last few months we will really knuckle down. We are determined to do it.”

To sponsor the sisters on their mountain trek, visit