A PILE of dead crows were found in a ditch in a north Hampshire village – and a parish councillor believes they may have been dumped.

The gruesome discovery in Vicarage Lane, Hound Green, was made by the parents of Councillor Doug Wheeler, the chairman of Mattingley Parish Council, while they walked their dog.

He visited the site not long after on the morning of Friday, July 4, and saw the remains of around 40 birds.

Cllr Wheeler said: “The smell was overpowering and it nearly made me physically sick. I imagine they would have there for a few days.

“I made a few phone calls to Hart and they responded quickly and some poor individual had to clear it up.”

Cllr Wheeler believes that the birds were killed somewhere else and then dumped in the ditch.

He said he called friends on nearby farms but no-one had heard of the matter.

Cllr Wheeler added: “I understand that crows and rooks and pests have to be controlled on farmland. If you shoot them, you should dispose of them properly. You do not fly-tip them on the side of the road for some individual to clear them up.

“This has to be paid for by Hart District Council and that will reflect on us all in the long run, having to pay for someone’s irresponsible behaviour.”

The street care team at Hart cleared up the mess on the day it was reported.

John Elson, head of technical and environmental services, said: “Because of the large number of dead birds, the request was dealt with urgently.”