THERE is no assurance that this won’t happen again – that was the message from Exmoor Close resident Paul Bensilum after he read the independent report into the Buckskin flooding crisis.

A total of 87 homes were evacuated in Grampian Way, Exmoor Close, Bodmin Close, Antrim Close, Prescelley Close, Quantock Close, Sperrin Close and Holyrood Court after February 8, when the properties were hit by groundwater flooding.

Paul, 42, his wife Nicola, and six-year-old son Peter had to leave their three-bedroom bungalow in February but luckily their home wasn’t breached by contaminated sewage water.

A flooding crisis report has said that a dormant spring was part of the problem, and Paul told The Gazette: “I guess we needed something that collated it all together, and it delivers that.

“I would say the report tells us what we already knew, and we realise there needs to be an official report that everyone can refer to – but it gives us no confidence going forward.

“I think it is interesting how the report raises questions over the drainage system where it says the age of the pipes is unknown and the quality of the current pipes is unknown, which is ridiculous.

“Beyond that, I think it doesn’t give a very clear indication of the best way forward, and I don’t think it is going to give the residents and people living here the confidence that it definitely won’t happen again.”

Residents will now meet up at a picnic in Quantock Close at 2pm on Sunday to discuss the best way forward. Anyone affected by the flooding in Buckskin is invited to attend.