A TEACHER and author gave an entertaining talk to members of a Tangent Club at a celebration of its 40th anniversary.

The milestone birthday was marked by Basingstoke Tangent Club 312 with a tea party at Oakley Hall.

The club is part of the National Association of Tangent Clubs, set up as a social group for women over the age of 45, who have retired from Ladies Circle – a club for women aged 18 to 45.

Members of the Basingstoke club meet monthly for talks, outings and often a home-cooked meal.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary, chairwoman Elaine Wilson welcomed 35 current and past members to the event, where they listened to the talk by Jack Sheffield.

Mr Sheffield, who was born in Leeds, has written a series of fictional books about the headmaster of a school in a fictional Yorkshire village.

Jo Attridge, a member of Basingstoke Tangent Club, described his talk as “fascinating and entertaining”.

She added: “The ladies then enjoyed a delicious silver service afternoon tea.”