THE video below shows workers who were removing scaffolding from a building at Top of The Town throwing objects to the ground without any safety barrier to protect those walking below.

The workers were filmed this afternoon after members of the public stopped to watch in alarm as one man launched large scaffolding poles from near the top of the HSBC building, in London Street, to a man stood in a truck below, who caught them.

But there was nothing to prevent the poles from ending up in the street if they were not caught, or if the aim of the thrower was out.

This was followed by further objects being thrown from a height to the ground below, as can be seen in the video.

One passer-by shouted out that the work appeared to be dangerous, but the workers continued and ignored the concerns.

It is not clear what company had been contracted to carry out the work for HSBC.

Emma Fahy, media relations manager for HSBC, said: “We take the safety of our customers and passers-by very seriously and are fully investigating this matter. Work is currently being carried out to repair the roof and fascias of the branch.

“We apologise to any passers-by who were alarmed by this incident.”