A GROUP of HND business students from BCoT have donated 52 kilos of food and nearly £200 to the Basingstoke Food Bank.

As part of the events management unit of their course, the students had to choose a charity to support and raise funds for.

They selected the food bank as it is local to the college, and “we could help people of all ages and needs,” said Leanne Cambianica, one of the students involved in the project.

More than 50 agencies in Basingstoke refer more than 15 clients each day to the food bank, which is run only from donations.

John Crump, manager of the food bank, was delighted with the students’ fundraising efforts – they raised £188 – and said: “We are so grateful that the HND students chose to support us.

“All our food and financial aid comes from the generous donations of local people and we would not be able to offer this service without these.

“With the food donated by the students, we will be able to feed five families, which is wonderful.

“We will also be able to purchase vital supplies with the £188. These students are a credit to the college, and their kindness and support is truly appreciated.”