FOR Laura Percival, the recovery from her horrific accident has been a slow process.

Eight months after her terrifying ordeal, the mother-of-three finds it difficult to walk and effectively lives in a hospital bed set up in her front room.

The 26-year-old travelled with her husband Gary, 32, and friends to Winchester Crown Court to see Agnieszka Chrzaszcz sentenced to three years in prison.

After the hearing, she told The Gazette: “We have got what we wanted. We wanted to see justice done. It is not going to change anything but at least she is in prison for what she has done.

“I do not think it will give me closure because I have got to live with what happened and will see the scars for the rest of my life. But I have got to be strong and try my hardest.”

When Mrs Percival was hit by Chrzaszcz’s Honda Civic on September 5 last year, she was left with terrible injuries – a shattered pelvis, four spinal fractures, a perforated bladder and a fractured knee.

She has undergone more than 10 operations, and has spent time in hospitals in Southampton and Salisbury following an infection in her leg.

While most of her injuries have healed, the fractures in her pelvis have not, meaning that she struggles to walk on crutches and remains on painkillers.

She finds walking up to her bedroom very difficult, and her longest journey on crutches is the 100 metres it takes to get to Winklebury Infant School, where she can collect her children.

Her long-term prognosis depends on her recovery from her pelvic injury. But doctors have told her that even if she does recover, she will be more susceptible to osteoporosis, because of the weakness in her bones.

The injuries have also prevented Mrs Percival from spending as much time as she would like with her one-year-old son Corey, her five-year-old daughter Freya, and seven-year-old son Harley.

The court heard that Chrzaszcz wrote a letter to Mrs Percival expressing her remorse about what happened – but she told The Gazette that she cannot bring herself to open it.

She said: “It’s there but I do not want to read what she has got to say because whatever it is, is not going to change anything.”