QR codes are something regularly seen on advertising boards, but now a political party standing in next Thursday’s European elections has embraced the latest technology, to help their voters at the ballot box.

The YOURvoice party, which is fighting for seats in the European Parliament on Thursday, has become the first in the country to use the “Quick Response” software on a ballot paper.

The QR code means that voters who have access to a smart phone will be able to scan the square barcode on the ballot paper, which will then automatically take them to the webpage of the party.

Voters will then be able to browse the party’s site, in a move which the party hopes will allow them to make “informed decisions” before they vote.

And according to the party, the software is already producing hits from postal ballots that have been sent out.

Candidate for the South East constituency, Rachel Ling told the BBC: “YOURvoice used a QR code and website address on the ballot paper to improve access and reduce barriers between YOURvoice and voters.

“People need easy access to information to allow them to make informed decisions. Door-knocking is an intrusion. We have “unengaged” voters and we don’t understand why.”

The party has three candidates in the South East constituency – Julian James, Rachel Ling and Fulvia James.