BCoT students embraced the importance of sustainable living at their learner conference.

Organised by the college student engagement team, the conference was aimed at giving students ideas on how they could make a difference to their environment.

Guest speakers Andrea Gewessler, from Change That Matters, and Kirsti Norrice, from Action for Sustainability, delivered presentations on the importance of sustainable living.

Andrea said: “We are working together to train students and staff on the benefits of environmental sustainability, both to the planet and to the consumer.”

The conference was well received by students, who said that it opened their eyes and challenged their perceptions.

Joe and Kira, studying Animal Management at BCoT, explained that the event had “given a new perspective and understanding of how important sustainability is to the world”.

Both Andrea and Kirsti deliver conferences dedicated to sustainability across UK colleges and are committed to promoting the scheme nationwide.

Assistant principal Lynda Pickering identified the importance of these sessions to both students and staff at the event.

She said: “It is really about influencing people and making them feel that they can play a part.

“Our vision is to support our ECO BCoT initiative as much as possible and to change the hearts and minds of people so that their contribution to sustainability exists beyond simply recycling or putting the right packaging in the correct bin. We want to shape their mindset.”