THE Vyne Community School is one of only a few dozen state schools in the country which has a combined cadet force.

The initiative is run by volunteers and the school’s head of maths Neil Pouney, who used to serve in the RAF, and it gives students the chance to train as cadets for the Army and the RAF.

The cadets meet after school every Friday and are trained in many of the skills used in the army.

The students do drills, are trained in fieldcraft and weapons training.

Some have also had the chance to take part in gliding exercises at Lasham and Popham airfields, and the cadets have had a visit from a Chinook helicopter and its crew.

Headteacher Mark Kingswood said: “The cadets get the chance to learn some very valuable skills and to take part in some amazing experiences.

“We are very proud of our combined cadet force – it is a real unique selling point for the school.”