STUDENTS at The Vyne Community School have been turning the tables on their teachers – teaching them new skills as part of an initiative to improve the learning process.

Headteacher Mark Kingswood, who has been having bass guitar lessons from Year 9 student Cody Legge, said it has been a great chance to have some fun, while teaching the students a valuable lesson.

He said: “The quality of teaching can be absolutely fantastic, but if students are not equipped to learn, then it doesn’t count for much.

“By teaching the teachers, and understanding what it is like to teach someone something they don’t know anything about, the students learn about the learning process.

“Cody has been getting quite frustrated with me, because I’m struggling to get the hang of the bass guitar, but it is good for the students to see things from the other side. It should get them thinking about how they learn.”

A dozen teachers have been taught skills by students, including speaking French and taking singing lessons.