QMC students have taken part in the annual Lots of Socks campaign, which encouraged students to come in wearing mismatched or fun socks in order to attract attention for the growing rights of those individuals who have Down syndrome.

This was a fantastic opportunity for all involved, as many students took to the Internet in order to fully research and understand what Down syndrome is and what causes it.

As a student myself, I took this as the perfect opportunity to learn about an issue that is both important and worthwhile, and research taught me both about the disorder itself and about the struggle it has proved for many, due to the prejudices of society and the ignorance of others.

Lots of Socks is a campaign held every year in order to raise awareness of this prejudice and ignorance, in a way that symbolises how each person – whether they have Down syndrome or not – is unique and different, and how each person has their own worth in life, no matter what.

QMC treats each student as an individual, inviting them to “be part of something outstanding” and to “reach their full potential, regardless of background”.

Students are encouraged to do their best for everyone and are taught to “respect the value of diversity brought by individuals”, and so students attending the college are able to beat back prejudice, make friends with people of all abilities, ethnicities and backgrounds, and prove that difference is perfect in every way.