AT Queen Mary's College, not only do the students gain knowledge and skills by planning, organising, marketing and reporting on events throughout college, but these inspiring young people are continuing to support worthwhile charities and continue to make the college a positive environment to study in.

Students have recently been working hard to raise money for a large variety of wonderful causes.

In addition to the money raised for World Down Syndrome Day, a sale of books generated £137.08 for World Book Day.

Members of the Student Union broke a sweat and raised more than £100 by cycling for several hours in fancy dress for Sport Relief, and a group of students took part in an exciting ‘Live Below The Line Challenge’ living on just £1 a day for five days to raise awareness for families in poverty.

Rob Bone and Rachel Potter were just two of the many students who took part in the challenge and lived on a breakfast of egg on plain toast, plain spaghetti for lunch, water and a plain jacket potato for dinner.

Rob, who felt very lethargic throughout the challenge, said: “It made me understand how people living in poverty must feel every day.

“We are lucky to have just lived like this for a short while – it was such a struggle to function.”

Rachel, who took part for the second year running, “thought it would be easier this time” but found herself “unbelievably tired, with no energy”.

Rob and Rachel raised more than £100 between them.