UKIP leader Nigel Farage has said that Basingstoke MP Maria Miller’s apology following the public row over her expense claims, showed “a lack of comprehension”.

The South East MEP addressed a packed-out room of Basingstoke residents and UKIP borough and European Election candidates, this evening, at the Old Basing Village Hall.

As reported on The Gazette website, Basingstoke MP Maria Miller resigned from her position as Culture Secretary, this morning, following the public row over her expenses claims.

In her letter of resignation to Prime Minister David Cameron, Mrs Miller said that the controversy "has become from the vital work this Government is doing".

In an exclusive interview with The Gazette, Mr Farage said: “It seems to me that that to be asked to repay £5,800 is rather a small punishment for somebody who has taken £90,000 of taxpayer’s money to help fund the mortgage on a property which she sold for £1million.

“The apology was derisory and it shows a lack of comprehension of how people think about this. The miracle is not that she resigned, the miracle is that David Cameron didn’t sack her a week ago and that shows appalling misjudgement.

"I think your readers completely chime with my idea about the right of recall. If you had the right of recall, you would have a by-election in Basingstoke. As the law currently stands, she can ignore them and stand at next year’s General Election."

When asked about the Gazette apology, Mr Farage added: “She doesn’t understand, does she? She thinks it’s fine, David (Cameron) thinks it’s fine, they all think it’s fine but the folk here don’t think it’s fine and that is the gap, that’s the gulf that has really opened up between the elected leaders and the masses.”