BASINGSTOKE MP Maria Miller’s resignation is too little too late, according to the town’s Labour Parliamentary candidate for next year’s General Election.

Mrs Miller has resigned from her position as Culture Secretary at the heart of Government, this morning, following the public row over her public expenses.

In a letter of resignation to Prime Minister David Cameron, the MP said the controversy “has become a distraction from the vital work this government is doing”.

Paul Harvey, who is making a second bid to become Basingstoke’s MP, will go head-to-head with Maria Miller in the 2015 General Election.

The former council leader, who is also a borough councillor for Norden, believes the MP showed a lack of respect towards the people of Basingstoke.

He told The Gazette: “I do think it is too little too late because that’s the reaction of people. If you look at the resignation letter, there is still no apology for what she has done.

“It is all about the Government and resigning in the interest of the Tory party and nothing to do with the people of Basingstoke who feel angry and feel betrayed by her and the trust they have put in her. Basingstoke deserves better than Maria Miller. It took her this long to resign and she still doesn’t get it. Her position as Basingstoke MP is untenable.”

When asked what he thought about Maria Miller’s latest apology, published yesterday on The Gazette website, he added: “There has been no apology. It is more about Maria Miller than the people of Basingstoke and that has been the issue, she has been so arrogant.” “She has bought it on herself. It was a lack of respect for the whole debate of expenses and the Parliamentary Commissioner. I think the report is damning of her actions and the reaction from people in Basingstoke shows the anger people feel and they feel betrayed by their Member of Parliament.

“No MP has been accused of obstructing the Parliamentary Commissioner and no serving cabinet minister has had to apologise to the House of Commons – it was for only 30 seconds.

“The electorate will have the chance to have their say in a year’s time and I hope the people of Basingstoke will vote for somebody who will represent the town as a good constituency and that’s me.”