NEARLY 100 students from infant and junior schools in Basingstoke visited a secondary school to take part in a conference on Fairtrade.

The pupils, from eight schools, attended Cranbourne Business and Enterprise College, in Wessex Close, for the Student Council Cluster Conference.

The event was opened by Cranbourne’s Young Chamber team before pupils took part in three workshops.

They made bunting, designed posters, tasted chocolate and explored the different cultures of Fairtrade countries.

A popular part of the day was playing a banana game during which students learned how hard people have to work for minimal pay.

Sarah Conlon, from Cranbourne, said: “The day was aimed at raising awareness of Fairtrade products and the people involved in producing them.”

She added: “Cranbourne students were delighted to have the opportunity to work with pupils in our feeder schools. We look forward to further joint enterprises in the future.”