HOMES at risk of flooding in Overton will be informed how they can access sandbags.

Overton Parish Council discussed the issue at its meeting last night, having received a delivery of sandbags from the borough council.

Council chairman Tom Ridler said: “I think the general view is that we are not going to need them but there’s a lot of water pooling in the systems so we have taken delivery of a number of sandbags.”

He warned the council that they may have to foot the bill for any mess created by sandbags which are not used, and which split open, but added: “It’s probably worth paying.”

Cllr Brian Langer said that some areas of the village were already in danger of flooding, adding: “It’s groundwater coming up through drains and if it’s got nowhere to escape it will get higher and higher until it finds its own level and it could find its way into someone’s house.”

The Environment Agency has issued a flood alert for the River Test, but councillors agreed the village was more likely to suffer from groundwater flooding.

It was suggested that areas of the village which councillors considered at risk of flooding should be informed how they can access the sandbags.

Cllr Adam Trickett questioned whether there were any instructions with the sandbags on how to use them effectively.

He added: “There are recommendations on how to use them.”

Cllr Lucy Sloane Williams suggested that this information should be included on leaflets delivered to residents in flood-risk areas, informing them where the sandbags are kept.

Areas which councillors consider to be at risk of flooding include Southington, Glebe Meadow and Bridge Street.