THEY have a big fan base in Basingstoke – so there was no shortage of attention from secondary school pupils when local boy band Concept spoke to them about the danger of taking drugs.

The five members of Concept visited Cranbourne Business and Enterprise College, where they performed several songs before chatting to the Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 pupils about the dangers of smoking, drinking alcohol and taking drugs.

Debbie Young, high level teaching assistant in English at the school, in Wessex Close, said: “The kids were very responsive. If it just stops one child from smoking or drinking or taking drugs, it will make a huge difference.

“The boys also did an open question-and- answer session so the kids could ask questions. My favourite was ‘why are you all so perfect?’.”

Concept emailed Mrs Young following the event, and said: “There was a huge level of responsiveness from the pupils during the presentation which made our talk so much more engaging – one of the best schools we’ve been to, especially for questions and answers.

“We loved being able to adapt the talk around the pupils’ answers – it’s much more informative that way.”

The session with Concept was part of an off-curriculum day where pupils took part in various activities instead of their normal lessons, including a workshop on fairtrade.

Students from The University of Winchester also visited, to deliver AIM Higher workshops to Year 9 and 10, during which they looked at skills they might need in the future.

Representatives from Queen Mary’s College and Basingstoke College of Technology delivered workshops and gave presentations about how to prepare for higher education and writing CVs and personal statements.

Students from Basingstoke College of Technology also ran a workshop on forensic science.