NEARLY £100,000 of Government funds has been earmarked for projects in Overton.

Overton Parish Council discussed how the money could benefit the community at its latest full council meeting.

The funds are from the Government’s New Homes Bonus, which is aimed at supporting areas and communities that have been affected by recent housing growth.

For every new home built and occupied in Basingstoke and Deane, the Government gives the borough council a New Homes Bonus grant each year for six years.

Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council has not used all of the funding, and Overton Parish Council has been informed that £96,000 remains for the village, which is estimated to rise to £188,000 by 2019.

The money is allocated for improving infrastructure, and the borough council is keen for the communities that have provided more homes to receive the funding they need to ensure their local infrastructure is not overstretched.

It is targeted primarily at one-off capital projects, and applications can be made for a minimum of £25,000.

Councillor Brian Langer suggested the funds could be used to better light the approach to the station.

Councillors agreed to think of possible project ideas where the money could be spent, and discuss these at a later date.

However, Cllr Peter Baker was not happy with the restrictions imposed. He said: “Who’s written the guidelines to say grants can only be made for a minimum of £25,000? It doesn’t do much for Overton. We should be able to spend that money when and where we want.”