THEY are certainly not everyone’s favourite vegetable, but teenager James Hutcheon has confessed that he is addicted to sprouts.

While many people detest the little green bullets, James eats sprouts every day – and sometimes even enjoys them in a sandwich for lunch.

The 17-year-old, from Baughurst, who is an aeronautical engineer apprentice for a Gosport company, buys a bag of 100 each week.

He said: “I have them with most of my meals. I like them with curries. I try to avoid them at lunchtime though, as there wouldn’t be a nice smell!”

The former Clere School pupil added: “People think it’s a bit weird. Sometimes people comment on it.”

James, who likes his sprouts cooked until they are soft, said: “I just love the taste.”

The teenager admits that the vegetables do cause him to suffer from wind, but added: “I always say ‘better out than in’.”

Thankfully, his girlfriend Isabelle can tolerate his love of sprouts, but James added: “I don’t think she enjoys them.”

James, of Heath End Road, competes internationally in air rifle shooting, and the sprouts help to give him extra fire power, of sorts.

His mum Lynne said: “He’s training to shoot for the Great Britain shooting squad so sprouts are very good for him. They have all sorts of vitamins.”

The mother-of-three said her two daughters hate eating the vegetables, but added: “I love them and so does my husband.”