VOLUNTEERS in a Basingstoke suburb are spraying dog droppings bright yellow in a bid to shame irresponsible dog owners.

Reports of dog-fouling to Rooksdown Community Association are on the rise, with Rooksdown Park named as a problem hotspot.

The association has now paid for cans of spray paint for volunteers, including responsible dog walkers and mothers who push prams, who have stepped forward to help out.

Simon Bound, development manager at Rooksdown Community Association, said: “We hope it will have a double impact.

“People will be able to clearly see the dog poo, so they will not push their prams through it or step in it by mistake, and also irresponsible dog owners will be aware that we are aware that they are not picking up their dog poo.”

The scheme has been running since the beginning of December, and Mr Bound said Rooksdown residents have been very supportive of it.

Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council employs a dog warden who can issue a £50 on-the-spot fine to anyone caught not clearing up their dog’s mess on land open to the public.

It also has a form on its website where people can report others who flout the rules.

Some parks in the borough have special bins for dog mess, although bags can also be placed in general rubbish bins.

Mr Bound said he came up with the idea after hearing of other groups using it successfully in different areas of the UK.