IT was in the midst of one of the worst snowfalls in London that a Basingstoke couple married on March 2, 1963.

Geoff and Pam Riddy tied the knot in St Michael’s Church, in London, and their big day really was a white wedding as a thick blanket of snow covered the city.

Geoff said: “We had one of the worst snowstorms in London.” However, the weather failed to prevent the happy couple from enjoying their day.

The couple attended the same school and met over popcorn at their local cinema where their love quickly blossomed.

Geoff popped the question to a surprised 18-year-old Pam just six months later.

Seventy-three-year-old Geoff, a retired printer who enjoyed playing football in his youth, and Pam, 70, who worked for Heinz, have lived at their home in Widmore Road, on the Berg Estate, in Basingstoke, for 17 years.

The couple previously lived in Abbey Road, in Popley, for 27 years, after relocating from London with their two eldest daughters, Dawn, who is now 48, and Deborah, now 45.

Geoff and Pam, who have two other children, Lesley, 42, and Lisa, 39, and nine grandchildren, will celebrate 50 years of marriage in March with their family and close friends.

The pair enjoy spending time together on caravan holidays and aim to go away at least once a month with either their daughters or on their own.

Although Geoff admits that, just like every couple, he and his wife have the occasional falling out, adding: “You wouldn’t be a person if you didn’t have a disagreement,” the Valentine’s Day card on their mantelpiece illustrates their love for each other.

After half a century of marriage, the couple still celebrate the romantic day on February 14 with flowers and cards.