THE possibility of speedway coming to Aldermaston has been floated by the owners of the local raceway, who have approached parish councillors for their views.

The owners of the Aldermas-ton Raceway, in Paices Hill, informally approached Alder-maston Parish Council about the possibility of converting the track from banger racing, for which planning permission was granted in 1993, to motorcycle speedway.

The proposition was discussed by councillors at a recent meeting. Gwen Roberts, who owns the racetrack along with her husband and children, told The Gazette: “It is better to approach the council before we seriously look into it rather than make lots of plans and then realise it wouldn’t be possible.

“It wouldn’t be us running it. We would have to bring in someone experienced in speedway.

“We don’t make money from banger racing and at the moment we are restricted because the events are usually on Sundays.”

Dave Shirt, chairman of Aldermaston Parish Council, said: “The owner claims the noise levels would reduce bec-ause of less pit activity, which is encouraging.

“Events would be weekday evenings rather than Sundays, which we believe would be an improvement.”

He said the council would not support an increase in the number of events per year from the current 14.