THE Met Office has warned that more snow is expected in Basingstoke and Hampshire on Monday.

It forecasts between one and two centimetres of fresh snow to fall on the town at the start of the week – not as heavy as yesterday’s snowfall which was around 11cm.

But the main concern is the problem of ice, with the Met Office issuing a high risk warning of this for most of the weekend.

As temperatures remain low, dropping to minus one for most of tomorrow, the snow could take a while to thaw out, meaning there is a risk of it becoming icy.

Charles Powell, Met Office forecaster, said: “There is more snow on the way for Hampshire but at this stage we cannot be sure quite how heavy it will be.

“At the moment it doesn’t look as disruptive as it was yesterday but there will definitely be further snowfall. Ice really will be the major concern for those in Hampshire as the snow is not going to thaw out quickly.”