A DROP-IN clinic will be held at Basingstoke hospital for anyone worried about oral cancer.

The clinic, at 2.30pm on November 28, will be run by Mr Mike Bater, oral and facial consultant at Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, and it is open to anyone with concerns and who wants to find out more.

Oral cancers are one of the top 10 most commonly diagnosed cancers in the UK and early detection is vital for treatment.

Symptoms can include ulcers, lumps, swellings or patches of white and red in the mouth that don’t heal within three weeks, difficulty in swallowing, chewing or moving the tongue or jaw, numbness of the tongue or areas of the mouth and unexplained loosening of the teeth without a dental cause.

Mr Bater said: “We ran this clinic for the first time last year. I’d really encourage anyone with concerns to come along. We can provide information and advice which, in most cases, helps to put people’s minds at rest.”

The clinic will be located in the oral and facial department at Basingstoke hospital, Aldermaston Road, and patients can drop in any time after 2.30pm.