AN OLD friend recently sent me these two photographs of the staff of Fairfields School.

We cannot be sure of the dates of the pictures but there is a possible clue; Enid Gould, seated third from right in the outdoor photo, retired in 1972 after 37 years of service and does not appear in the other photo.

As a pupil there until 1970, I instantly recognised three of my teachers; Miss Blake, seated far left in both photos, Margaret Bailey, standing, far right, in the outdoor photo, and Ms Bampton, seated, second from right who, I recall was adept at drawing with her feet!

When Mr. E.L. Thomas, the headmaster, came into the class, he and Ms Bampton conversed in Welsh.

My classes in at least one of my years at Fairfields were held in a pre-fab building known as ‘the huts’ which stood in the western corner of the playground.

My classmates at Fairfields included artist and teacher Stuart Campbell-Smith, internationally-acclaimed viola-player Roger Tapping and UN spokesperson Christopher Gunness.

Beat that!