IT IS now nearly half a century since the initially seed for the idea of the world famous musical Grease was planted.

In that time there has been several different incarnations of the production’s leading man and lady Danny Zuko and Sandra Olsson AKA Sandy.

In tonight’s performance at the Mayflower theatre, Southampton, the responsibility fell on the shoulders Tom Parker, member of Irish boy-band The Wanted and winner of the BBC’s Over the Rainbow show Danielle Hope.

Going into the show, expectations were high, with an excited buzz circling the packed theatre.

As a musical with such memorable songs, I had images of audience members standing up singing, dancing in the aisles, but this was not quite the case.

For his debut musical. Parker’s inexperience was clear to see at points, with his fellow T-Birds outshining him at times – Ryan Heenan’s Doody a personal favourite - but that didn’t stop the wolf whistles raining out when he first appeared on stage.

For a story which has been seen and rehashed thousands of times it was the job of the supporting cast, stage setting and costumes which gave director David Gilmore’s version life.

The bright colours, numerous costume changes (too many to count) and the incredibly slick set change overs kept the narrative flowing at a good pace and there was never a moment when the audience were taken out of the story.

As a performance with a relatively young and new cast, it was the appearance of Jimmy Osmond as Teen Angel during Beauty School Drop-Out which got the biggest reaction from the crowd, and California born singer milked every minute of it – proving any Osmond brother has the ability to be a real showman.

The big crescendo came with the transformation of Hope from goody goody Sandra D to the cat-suit wearing vamp and the curtain closing You’re The One That I Want led to a standing ovation.

With the history of Grease it is always hard to break the mould, and for its faults, this production did have its moments of note as well. That being said if you have high expectations of the show they may not be met.

Grease runs until July 8. Tickets: 023 8071 1811 or