A KINGSCLERE-based vocal teacher is launching a new set of classes for those hoping to make it in the world of theatre.

Nathan Lubbock-Smith, 34, of Kingsclere, will be running the classes with the aim of helping to improve the confidence of everyone who wants to sing.

Having previously starred in West End performances of shows including The Picture of Dorian Grey, voicing a character in BBC2’s show Double Take, and even appearing in the Harry Potter series of films as a prefect, it is clear that there is talent from Nathan.

Nathan believes that it really can help for everyone to gain confidence and to learn to refine their talent. Mr Lubbock-Smith said: “It can really help some people to come out of their shell and gain confidence. It also shouldn’t be just those who can afford it that go into acting and singing.

“Throughout my years in teaching and performing, I saw and met lots of talented people who couldn’t afford to take their passion a lot further than they were able to.

“When I was performing, I would sometimes get vocally tired, and through that, I learnt how to control that, and it is lessons like that I want to pass on to students of mine, who have since gone on to be in large productions of shows like Wicked.”

Having been born with a cleft palate, Nathan is well aware of the transformative effects of learning to sing, which helped him to learn to get more confident about singing and performing.

The workshops and lessons are available to everyone, and Nathan has found that it is a great way of lifting the spirits of everyone of all ages. He has seen everyone from OAPs to children not yet aged in double digits get up and sing.

“My aim is to make it seem easy,” he said. “I want the audience to really listen to what they are singing and not worry about whether or not they hit their notes or not. With practice and tuition, it’s possible for anyone to do it.”

The classes began last week in Newbury.