WITH as much seduction, sass and sex as its namesake film, Basingstoke Amateur Operatic Society (BAOS)'s production of the Witches of Eastwick delivers a seismic punch in naughty entertainment this week at The Haymarket.

The production follows the sexual desires of three woman in the small town of Eastwick, Rhode Island, where the locals are in tune with exactly what is going on. Performances are given wonderful zeal by the group's chorus throughout, and it is only a matter of time until their prayers are answered and a man they can finally call their own arrives.

Within the BAOS's show, its three leading ladies were deftly intriguing and engaging. After their wishes of a man coming to the town are answered, in the form of Daryll van Horne, aka the Devil, performed by the beguiling and sexually charged Rob Wilson - a BAOS stalwart - the trio of woman become entranced by van Horne.

Like a warped Wizard of Oz in reverse, the women's greatest desires become a fleeting reality. BAOS debutant Danni Stembridge portrays Jane Smart, a teacher who just wants her intonation of the cello to become better, with her vigour opposite to the shy Sukie Rougemont, a newspaper employee that wants to find the "words, words, words" to speak out, who is given encapsulating life by Emily Gregory. Perhaps most excitable is Alex Stores' depiction of Alex Spoffard. The confident, bawdy interactions with van Horne and the rest of the girls is one of the Witches of Eastwick's most alluring features.

The set is colourfully, and innovatively produced; at times it was easy to forget what was being witnessed on stage was an amateur production by people who have others’ lives outside of the theatre. But such was each member of the cast's commitment to characterisation, it became a bewitching encounter with musical numbers such as 'Dirty Laundry' and 'Who's the Man?' adding extra charm to a fantastic performance.

The Witches of Eastwick runs at The Haymarket until Saturday March 25.

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