POETRY and prose by women in the First World War will be performed at Chawton House Library to commemorate women’s unsung wartime experiences.

Actress Ruth Sillers will talk about and perform extracts from her own audio book compilation, War Girls, which includes writings of ordinary women alongside well-known poets and novelists.

The collection depicts women’s loss of husbands, sons and brothers, the dangers or working in munitions factories, experiencing life in the services and their first glimpse of greater freedom and opportunities.

The event is on Wednesday, 11 June, from 2pm at Chawton House Library, a leading study centre for early English women’s writing, and includes afternoon tea.

Ruth Sillers said: “I tried to pick pieces not simply because they were written by famous authors but because they had something relevant and powerful to say. A lot of the writings are by unknown women: just ordinary women living in extraordinary times.”

Tickets for War Girls cost £11, or £8.50 for students or friends of Chawton House Library.

Call 01420 541010 to find out more.