YET more improvements have taken place at Paulton’s Park at Ower, near Romsey, the Hampshire destination which is proving a draw for parents all over the UK and Ireland - and beyond.

The award-winning park, which is home to the only Peppa Pig World in existence, opened its new welcome building recently, and The Gazette was among the media invited to take a look.

It is huge, and absolutely fit for purpose now that thousands of families stream through the gates – including many a celebrity face, a lot of whom tweet the pictures they’ve taken of themselves in the park - every day. 

In addition, this building houses the vast new Wildwoods cafe, a light and airy space which has booths and tables galore. Its ceiling design features trees and acorns and it’s almost as impressive as the new toy shop opposite it.

Basingstoke Gazette:

I say almost – hats off to the brains behind The Big Toy Shop, which will become a destination in itself due to its huge visual appeal.

Double rainbow entrances open onto a superbly designed interior, one separated into fluid areas depending on the type of toy displayed there.

Basingstoke Gazette:

Each area is marked with a fantastic prop, enabling children to make a beeline for what they’re interested in, be it dinosaurs, princesses, pirates or building bricks.

Basingstoke Gazette:

A huge dangling chandelier of bright sweeties marks the treat section, and elsewhere, above the general merchandise, there are fantastic rainbow brollies and sparkling clouds.

There is also an area for adults to browse, which contains numerous attractive gifts – the sourcing buyer has done an outstanding job. 

On the whole, it’s an irresistible space, and has many reasonably priced toys inside, in addition to more expensive items. We ended up buying the new version of The House That Jack Built game for our daughter and a fantastic wooden takeaway menu holder for our kitchen, too.   

As well as all of this fun at the start of the park, there are of course new rides to enjoy, too.

The 4D cinema has another new film – Robin Hood 4D – and there is also an absolutely beautiful Victorian Double Decker Carousel.

Basingstoke Gazette:

When I visit my parents at home in Northern Ireland, and I talk to my friends who are parents, they tell us how fortunate we are to be on the doorstep of such a must-visit destination.

We know we are – and how fantastic that the Park continues to take such leaps and bounds forward as the seasons pass. 

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