HAVING had our version of a Cabinet reshuffle, the incoming officers have been engaged in the usual attempts to reinvent the wheel.

Lion President set the ball rolling by announcing that the monthly business meeting would last no more than two hours. While this is an entirely laudable objective, it’s a bit like trying to call time on “Mock the Week” and might very well earn him a reputation as a party pooper. Still, 2 hours 40 minutes wasn’t a bad start.

Next to stick his head above the parapet was the treasurer. His first duty of the new Lionistic year is to set the subs level. As the members pay for the operation of the club, and we are no different from the rest of the population in facing rising costs on static incomes, this was a baptism by fire accompanied by much weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth. He’ll live! The secretary was the only lucky one.

District 105D, the organisation that provides a focal point for Lions information receipt and dispersal to 65 clubs, underwent its own reshuffle hiatus. Result, we received very little correspondence. We await the deluge.

Fundraising over the last month was at pretty low ebb. Not so, unfortunately, the need for our assistance. We donated £500 towards a scanner for a blind person to help foster independence, £450 towards a holiday for disabled children, £400 towards replacement of essential household items and gave out £100 worth of assorted food and utility vouchers.

So, how are we going to replace that money? Our next fundraising event is on August 30, at Queen Mary’s College main hall, when the Sussex Kings Jazz Band will be performing for us. This is a very well-known and popular group and ticket sales are going very well. So, if you’d like to attend, best book now.

Tickets are currently still available by ‘phoning 01256 325280 (email: jomolincoln@btinternet.com), 01256 421867 (email: mauricehockley@hotmail.com) or from Toucan Travel at the Chineham Shopping Centre.

On October 4, we have (wait for it) a barn dance with Pitchfork. No, you don’t have to bring your own, it’s the name of the band that will be playing for us at Home Farm Barn. Believe me there is nothing like a bit of the old two by two and do-si-do to sort out what ails you.

People’s food preferences are so weird and wonderful these days that we thought it best to invite people to bring their own picnics. But never fear, we will be running our usual very reasonably priced bar. So be there or be square!

It’s going to be a great night. Renée Smith is in charge, but tickets are available from the usual suspects detailed above and from any member of the club you happen to know.

In November we’ll be having another of our popular Quiz Nights at the Cliddesden Millenium Hall followed by The Apollo Big Band at QMC. Busy little bees aren’t we!

As always details are available on our overworked website basingstokelions.org.uk.