TESCO trolleys: Dumped trolleys are an ongoing problem in Chineham. A local resident has had enough and has set up a Facebook page, ‘Tesco Trolleys Dumped in Chineham’, with photographs of the trolleys, in an attempt to shame Tesco into doing something about it.

If you have a Facebook account, visit the page and ‘like’ it to help get the fan numbers up, and make Tesco take action. Photos can be submitted via email to tescotrolleys666@yahoo.co.uk.

PARISH council: The next meeting is to be held on Monday, April 14. As usual, it will start at 7.45pm in the community rooms at Chineham Village Hall.

The parish council is here to help the residents of Chineham, so if there is a Chineham issue you are concerned about, and might want it to be included as an item on the agenda, please contact the clerk, Sally Jackson, on 474500 or email during office hours only.

CHINEHAM Village Club: Next Monday, there’s a cash bingo game, starting at 8.30pm in the lounge bar.