ST LEONARD’S Church: Has Holy Communion Common Worship on Sunday at 9.45am, and a 7.30pm service for Ash Wednesday on – well, Wednesday. Which, with my limited knowledge of things ecumenical (sneaks off to check ‘ecumenical’ means what she thinks it does, and decides it’s close enough), would seem to suggest that Tuesday is Pancake Day. Hurrah! Pans at the ready and remember, any topping other than lemons and sugar is an aberration.

FILM Club: Next Thursday, the Social and Entertainment Club show Mamma Mia, which needs no introduction, so suffice it to say that the bar opens at 7.30pm, the film starts at 8pm, and there’s an intermission for the serving of ice-creams.

Tickets cost £2 (membership unnecessary) and it’s a jolly good way to take your mind off whatever you’ve given up for Lent – provided that’s not films, drink or ice-cream!