VALENTINE’s Day: May have raised the heartbeat of more than a few this year as we experienced perhaps the worst storm of the year, with trees falling and many in the village experiencing power cuts – somehow enforced candlelight is not quite so romantic.

Thanks to those who worked so hard to clear the roads of fallen trees and to Scottish and Southern Energy, which restored our power in less than 24 hours.

POTHOLES: Despite Hampshire County Council’s Highways Department’s best efforts to repair potholes and clear the surface water, the relentless rain has very much taken its toll again as roads became rivers, leaving behind potholes that look even bigger than their predecessors, and road surfaces scattered with tyre-damaging stones.

SPRING around the corner? We are so lucky to live on high ground and avoid the dreadful flooding experienced by some, and in the sunshine that followed the storm on Sunday, the snowdrops carpeting the churchyard and many verges raise the spirit and may hopefully bring some promise of spring.