Trish Dominy

Trish Dominy

TRISH 'Guess who's 50' Happy Birthday MUM Lots of love from Rosie and James xxxxx



  • Basingstoke007says...

    Bonjour,Trish.tHIS IS A lONG sHOT.Are you the little Girl.Of Nobby.??.From south Ham.Years ago now.I used to work with your dad&Billy Dern,I BELIVE WHAS HIS LODGER.Sorry i cant rember your mums name.But i rember she was a Good Looking Woman.With Dark Hair.IF YOU ARE THAT LADY.It would be Great to hear from you all. My Name is Keith Wright.I now live in France.But still return to Basingstoke.Now and again.Well. young laddy.Happy Birthday.And Cheers.x.x.
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