I was interested in Dr Harrison's reply to my 'Are universities a waste of time' letter.

I was surprised, that he couldn't even get my name right, but perhaps the letter was composed using AI.

Of course, I realise the changing employment patterns, but I don't remember miners, ship builders and steel workers needing degrees, they did apprenticeships.

Universities haven't changed in response to the needs of students and employment. They have expanded, because more people want to go to university, who are not academically suited to it.

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He talks about demands from business for graduates in little known subjects, what does he mean by that? If they are little known, I would not think there are many jobs in them. Perhaps he is talking about the 'green nonsense', and all the thousands of jobs it is supposed to provide.

And yes, we need to return to the elite selection patterns of the past, then we might get people running the country, who are actually capable of it, not the idiots we have now.    

D.J. White 

Coates Close 

Brighton Hill 


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