There was a time we could be proud of this country but due to the way it is being run that seems a sad memory.

Setting up more oil fields can only upset the faction who keep costing the police force a fortune but having little effect on discouraging them for sit-downs and slow marches.

This ULEZ scheme hitting hard pressed motorists, stating the end of petrol a diesel production, then changing your minds. 

Electric cars are just not for the future, OK, MPs are well off for charging points but the rest of the country are a bit short. 

Are we producing enough electricity to charge them? I am waiting for my lights at home to go out any time soon.

And now this extra tax on the alcohol level on one of the joys we have left in life. 

I will buy one less bottle of Famous Grouse a month and the government will miss out big-time - all for the sake of a few extra pence - and several of my friends agree. 

Graeme Hewitt



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