Thought, I would respond to criticism of my letter, claiming Brexit was not the disaster Remainers predicted.

It claimed it was worst, quoting the 'cost of living' crisis as an example. But most countries have been affected, mainly due to the rise in fuel prices, due to sanctions on Russian gas. We could frack our own gas, but the Government's barmy 'carbon zero' policy stops this. Yes, our inflation is higher than most EU countries, but not because of Brexit. During the lockdowns Rishi Sunak paid workers to stay at home, then he paid them to go out for a meal. Has anyone thought how this was paid for? Well, the Bank of England printed billions of pounds, is it any wonder we have inflation?

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The Bank further compounded the problem, by not raising interest rates early enough. I said in my letter that although we had left, there was still a lot to do.

Even the Government don't seem very keen on taking advantage of Brexit. When we were in the EU, most of the decisions were made for them, now they have to govern, they haven't a clue. And as for 67 per cent want to rejoin EU, I've seen this poll in The Guardian, but I think they might be biased. Anyway, the EU is faltering, Germany, which 'bankrolls' the EU, is not the economic powerhouse it was. You have to feel sorry for Mr Cox, who seems to get some sort of perverse pleasure from hoping this country fails.


David White 

Coates Close 


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