A NEW tennis initiative has seen the LTA join forces with Judy Murray to launch sherallies in a bid to get more girls and women playing tennis.

As part of this initiative one of their ambassadors Sarah Rutherford ran two exciting courses at Totally Tennis.

The first was a Girls Fun Days and then a Lil Miss Hits and both were a great success.

The ladies who attended the fun day are now trained She Rallies Activators, which means they can apply for a free equipment bag to go and run some Lil Miss Hits sessions or a Fun Days.

Rutherford said: "The aim is trying to get new women and girls into the sport to improve the numbers of the female workforce and girls participating.

“We are aiming the course to anyone with an interest in tennis, or just a little bit sporty. You don’t need any coaching experience at all so probably people like brownies/rainbows/guilds, community centre worker, youth leader/volunteer, keen parent of tennis playing child, teacher."

The next major event is the Judy Murray Day in Bristol on June 29, where players can attend either a Lil Miss Hits or Teen Girls courses with Murray walking round and helping out with the course.

There will also be the chance to ask her questions and have lunch. This is all free and can be booked through the sherallies.com website.

County wise there is a Teen Girls course in Portsmouth on July 30 (10am to 1pm). There is also a Rec Competition course at Totally Tennis September 17 (10am to 1pm). To book any of the free course just go to the sherallies.com website.