THE FA has announced the intention to curtail the 2020/21 league season for steps 3-6 of the National League System.

Andover Town and Andover New Street are in the Wessex League, which fall into these steps. 

This decision will now be presented to The FA Council for ratification.

Extending season 'not a viable option'

In a statement posted on Wednesday night, the FA said: "Submissions were made by 99.1 per cent of clubs at Steps 3 and 4, and 95.8 per cent of clubs at Steps 5 and 6.

"We would like to thank the clubs for submitting their views and the time taken in providing responses during what we appreciate is an incredibly challenging period for everyone.

"The results of the survey showed that over 76 per cent of all clubs across Steps 3-6 indicated a preference to curtail the 2020-21 league season if it could not be restarted with limited spectator numbers and hospitality before 1 April 2021.

"During this process, taking into account views of clubs and leagues, it was decided that extending the 2020-21 league season beyond the end of May 2021 would not be a viable option."

To read the FA's statement in full, click here.