THREE Basingstoke Bluefins have won national medals.

It comes following the publication of Swim England’s National Level X leaderboards.

Keeleigh Cooke, in the girls age 10, was named National Champion with six gold medals.

These came in the 100 metre freestyle, 100m backstroke, 100m breast stroke, 100m fly, 100m and 200m individual medley.

Keeleigh also took a silver medal in 50m free style, and two bronze medals in 50m breast stroke and 50m fly.

For good measure, she also came fifth in the 50m backstroke.

In the girls’ age 12 races, Saffy Rougier won the bronze medal in 50 metre backstroke, as well as coming fifth in the 100 individual medley and the 100 metre freestyle, sixth in 50 metre butterfly stroke and seventh in the 50 metre freestyle.

For girls age 11, Aleksija Blow won the bronze medal in 50m breast stroke, as well as coming fourth in 100m breast stroke and eighth in 100m individual medley.

The Bluefins said: “It was incredible swimming from all three girls, who swim in the Junior Performance squad led by proud coach Spencer Turner”.

Jane Nickersen, the cheif executive of Swim England, has recently said swimming pools should open before pubs to improve people’s health and to help defeat the coronavirus.

She added that millions of people suffering physical and mental problems relied on exercise in the water.

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