BASINGSTOKE Town Football Club’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held tonight at 7pm.

This will be a virtual meeting and all members have been sent the link and joining instructions.

The club said this is “arguably one the most important AGM’s the club has had in its history, certainly since becoming a Community Club”, something Acting Chairman Kevin White was keen to stress.

Kevin said: ‘It is exciting times to be a Town fan and I expect the AGM to be the most important one the club has had. The meeting will allow us to discuss the future aims and ambitions of the club and how we see our long-term future but it also will be an important moment with board member elections.”

He added that it is the first competitive election the club has had and it is “fantastic to see so many people want to get involved” with the club in an official capacity.

In total the club have six spaces available on the Board and eight candidates have submitted their applications in December. Over the last three weeks community club members have been able to vote for the candidates, with votes to be counted and announced tomorrow at the AGM.

On the candidates, White said: “There is a wide range of candidates. There are a couple from the existing Board who carry out important jobs for the club up for re-election. It is also great to see a new face with FA experience along with some long standing supporters who have supported us through thick and thin and would like to make their involvement official. As well as some past supporters of the club who would like to get involved again now we are back in Basingstoke. We’ve no doubt that it is sure to be an interesting meeting.”