AFTER Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council objected to a plan to build a road through the historic Camrose Ground, the football club has shown their support of the council’s decision.

As previously reported in the Gazette, the planning application had been submitted to build a road through the heart of the ground, running from Western Way to Winchester Road.

It is part of a scheme relating to the redevelopment of the much-maligned Brighton Hill roundabout.

The objection from Basingstoke Council now throws doubt onto Hampshire County Council's redevelopment plan to improve traffic flow through the notorious bottleneck, which is the junction of the A30, The Harrow Way, Pack Lane, Brighton Way and Western Way.

Vice chairman of Basingstoke Town Football Club, Kevin White, 39, from Oakley said: “The letter Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council sent to Hampshire County Council is actually an objection as opposed to a rejection.

“It will strengthen the case that Basron development will not go ahead until there is a suitable replacement.

“I personally believe that the planning application will be rejected for the road and Basron’s application will be rejected until there is a suitable replacement once money becomes available.

“In an ideal world, Basron and Hampshire County Council should build a football ground for footballers to play at.”

Chairman of Basingstoke Town Football Club, Terry Brown, 67, from Berkshire said: “As far as community club is concerned there are two issues, we need to get back to the town and make ourselves sustainable and go back to Winklebury.

“We would like a second stadium. Will the Camrose go ahead? Will finance be available with coronavirus affecting planning application? Covid-19 has put things on hold in Winklebury.

“Basron has done nothing to help the community club survive. We aim to move to Winklebury in September. If council do the work, they are set out to do, we should be in there by September.

“Even if we go into Winklebury, we would like Basron to supply a second stadium because that’s what Sports England require.”