KENNET Ospreys match at Court Farm saw Anthony Thomas score with 61lb 2oz of carp from the margins on pole and corn, Graham Shadwell took second spot with 52lb 13oz of carp on pole, meat and corn, Steve Hunt utilised sixteen metre pole and maggot for his 21lb 7oz, Simon Kiefer won Section A with 13lb 5oz Ian Jones took Section B with 13lb 13oz. Sixteen fished and caught, just.

Camrose AC were at Cheriton Farm for their latest match where Darren Goddard won the day on 27lb 2oz of carp on bread punch under the pole, John Swindle weighed in 18lb 1oz on pole and maggot, match secretary Pip Seeny netted 16lb 12oz of carp on pole and maggot, whilst Bryan Swindle utilised pole and pellet for his 14lb 12oz, Fourteen fished and weighed.

Adventure AS were at New Barlows Lake on Sunday last and Steve Palmer took the honours with 57lb 8oz of carp on pole and maggot. Kevin Holmes caught 49lb 12oz of mixed species on pole and maggot whilst Darren Wright weighed in 20lb 8oz of mixed. All twelve anglers caught.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak all local fishing clubs have cancelled activities until further notice, Tadley Angling Centre is shut and all Staceys Angling Club Lakes are closed.

All I can add to the present predicament is stay safe, heed the government’s advice and hopefully I will resume this tome sometime in the future.