POPLEY’S Alfie Wright enjoyed great success at the Arnold Festival in Columbus, Ohio earlier this month, winning the seated strongwoman contest.

Wright has osteoarthritis in her left knee, which has led to several complications due to surgeries, so that she has to wear a leg and foot brace.

The event in America which was was held a fortnight ago was restricted due to onset of the coronavirus.

This meant instead of a weekend of events they all take place on one single day.

In the end only three events survived with the first saw Wright complete the 50 foot pull of 200 kilos in 22.47 seconds.

They was followed by a 45 kilo log push and she did nine of them.

The final event was a seated 120 kilo lift and Wright recorded 17 reps.

After her victory in Columbus, Ohio Wright said: “I was very proud to win as I was a bonus as I had a bit of a shoulder injury running up to the competition.”

An added bonus during the event was the meeting a world strongman legend Magnus ver Magnusson at the event in America as he is one of the founders of it.

The Icelandic is a former powerlifter and strongman competitor and has won the title of World’s Strongest Man four times in 1991, 1994, 1995, and 1996.

Wright had been looking forward to competing in the British champions in May and then defending her world crown in Germany at month later, but both events have been cancelled due to the coronavirus.

Wright, who travels the world to compete is currently sponsored by Hampshire talented athlete scheme, the Gym Group Basingstoke, the supplement review online and Medivita a new company who deals with CBD products for pain

She looking for more sponsors being a self funded athlete and anyone who can help one of Basingstoke’s top para athletes can do so by email alfie.wright@btinternet.com