Basingstoke Railway Piscatorials took themselves to Bowsaw Lake on Saturday last where Rob Carr (Superstar) took advantage of a plum draw and duly won with 57lb 13oz of carp on pole and maggot, Staceys Supremo Keith Brown used the same method for his even 31lb of carp, Brian O’Donnell utilised the feeder to net and weighed in 21lb 10oz of carp to make up the frame. Fourteen fished and two blanked.

Kennet Osprey went to Whitehouse Lake for their latest match and Steve Hunt drew well, fished well and won well with 46lb 3oz of mainly bream to7lb on pole and worm, Phil Tiller took second spot adding bream to a near 10lb carp for a24lb 8oz total using pole and maggot, Neil(Fagin) Shepherd came next with 23lb 5oz followed by Simon (The God) Kiefer who caught 21lb 6oz. Fourteen fished some did not weigh.

Staceys Match Group went to a surprisingly lack lustre Cheriton Farm where Kevin Roberts did the business catching 59lb 10oz of carp on pole and caster, Scott Butler used pole and pellet for his 24lb 5oz Paul (The Enforcer) Follington weighed in 22lb 7oz. Thirteen fished and all caught.

Adventure AS were on their own Willow Pool last Sunday and Gary Hermon scored with 43lb 6oz of carp on pole and maggot, Colin Shepherd’s 36lb 8oz included 12lb of silver fish caught on pole and maggot, Scott(Meatloaf) Nelson used pole, worm and caster to return 28lb 4oz whilst Steve Pawson caught 23lb 6oz of mixed. Twelve fished and all caught.

Camrose AC were at Old Barlows Lake on Sunday last where Paul Bassinder caught 26lb of carp and tench on pole and maggot, Pete Morris had a similar catch for his 16lb 10oz Tony Holdsworth made up the frame with 14lb 15oz of carp on pole and pellet. Ten fished and one blanked.

This week Osprey are going to Court Farm, Adventure are at New Barlows and Camrose will be at Cheriton Farm.

These are set to be the last matches for the foreseeable future

Catch me next week