LAST Sunday’s atrocious weather dismantled the local match calendar causing cancellations and poor turn outs, I let discretion be the better part of valour and stayed at home, with ‘er indoors finding me jobs.

Adventure AS took themselves to Court Farm where Mark Blackmon caught 73lb 8oz of carp on the feeder and wafter pellet, match secretary Nick Sargent used a similar method for his 68lb 14oz just 2oz behind was Steve Hunt who utilised pole and corn, Tony Smith caught 51lb 8oz of carp on pole and bread to make up the frame.

Only four brave souls travelled to the Kennet Osprey Match at Billhook Lake and on the lee side of the hill, conditions were somewhat sheltered, umbrellas were put up and long poles could be used, Steve (I don’t moan) Shepherd caught 63lb 4oz of carp on pole and corn, Simon (The God) Kiefer parted the waves with feeder tactics and netted 55lb 10oz of carp on various baits, match supremo Pete Wooldridge caught 26lb 1oz, Gerry Nickells was the other brave soul caught but tipped back.

The Oxoid AC match scheduled for last Sunday at Dandys Ford Lake will take place this coming Sunday at the same venue. Camrose AC cancelled their match at New Barlows altogether.

This coming Sunday (weather permitting) Adventure AS will be going to Gold Valley Middle Lake, Kennet Ospreys are on Watmore Farm fishing a silver fish match, Camrose will be going to Soke Road Lake.

Watmore Farm Fishery took delivery of 600lb of bream last week, with fish up to 2lb this bodes well for Ospreys Match this coming Sunday, whilst on the subject of Watmore Farm it has to be one of the best kept fisheries I have seen, with it’s manicured swims.

Catch me next week.