CAMROSE AC went to New Barlows Lake at the last Sunday where Pete Morris was a popular winner with 32lb 9oz of carp on pole and maggot, Chris Hopgood utilised pole and worm for his even 26lb of carp, Paul (The Enforcer) Follington pole and magged it for his 22lb 11oz of carp as did Rugby League devotee Paul Bassinder who touched down with 21lb 2oz. Sixteen fished and caught.

Adventure AS were at the Royal Berks Fishery for their latest fixture where Mark Blackmon took the driving seat with 32lb 8oz of mixed on pole, groundbait and maggot. Graham Spiller used exactly the same method for his 24lb 2oz of F1 carp, Steve Palmer caught 22lb 8oz of F1 carp on pole and pellet whilst Gary Knight made up the frame with 18lb 14oz on pole and maggot, Twelve fished and caught.

Kennet Ospreys latest match at Bowsaw Lake saw Ian Jones make it two wins in two matches with 58lb 14oz, twelve carp on the method feeder in conjunction with wafters, Neil Shepherd took his 48lb 1oz of carp on the pole and pellet, Simon (The God) Kiefer used pole and maggot and occasionally the method for his 34lb 8oz whilst Simon Coombs caught 28lb 5oz again on the method, but alas his Dad Kim blanked. Eleven fished but not all weighed.

The torrential rain of late has played havoc with the fishing, with water temperatures lowered, lakes and rivers in flood and quagmire conditions under foot, it’s a wonder that more matches were not called off, lets console ourselves with the thought that things can only improve, say I with fingers crossed.

Catch me next week.