BASINGSTOKE Bluefins Swimming Club is going from strength to strength, writes TASHA ROUGIER.

During 2019 Bluefins taught over 500 children to swim and coached 240 swimmers on a competitive program.

At the Hampshire County Championships in 2019 Bluefins Swimmers won four golds, 15 silvers and 11 bronze individual medals and a silver and bronze in team events.

They also had nine swimmers qualify for South East Regional finals (by far the most competitive region) claiming a bronze medal.

Around 50 swimmers qualified for the Hampshire County Championships, which will take place this month and next.

The clubs have also appointed their new club captains, with Evie Woodroffe and Oliver Miles the junior captains and Alice Mardell and Samuel Bourns the senior captains.

Each coach also awarded merit awards for the best boy and girl swimmer in their squad. They were as follows: Squad 1 girls: Alice Mardell, boys: William Miles. Squad 2 girls: Ellie Cooke, boys: Fabio Tonelli. Squad 3 girls: Saffia Rougier, boys: Archie Turner. Squad 4 girls: Juliet Stevens, boys: Alfie Beatty. Squad 5 girls: Jade Galloway, boys: Thomas Smallridge. Dev 1 girls: Jessica Fleming, boys: Sam Collier. Dev 2 girls: Emily Foster, boys: Oli Pedra. Club girls: India Farrant, boys: Nathan Lane. Sharks girls: Sophie Rogers, boys: Nick Bebbington.